What is the right DSP radio modem for my needs?

December 28, 2017


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What is the right DSP radio modem for my needs?

In the field, you need to ensure the HF radio equipment you use is fit-for-purpose and that you know the technology’s capabilities and limitations. When selecting a HF radio for your operations or speaking to a supplier about custom options, discussing the kind of DSP modem you need is key to making sure you get a radio device that suits you.

HAL provides three distinct modem options, with each designed to suit the needs of particular applications. So what is the right DSP radio modem for your needs?


Sturdy and reliable, the DSP4100/2K is the largest of HAL’s modems yet is still reasonably compact, with a footprint of just 5.5×8.7×1.5 inches and weighing under 1.5 lbs. Designed as an all-encompassing solution, this modem suits most radio applications.

It also offers serial port connectivity to computing devices, with status LEDs offering operators a visual representation of the modem’s operation. The product’s internal PCB is integrable with other device enclosures – a popular communications solution for many of HAL’s customers.

HF Radio DSP Modem with CLOVER

The DSP4100/2K is an all-encompassing modem that suits most applications.


For applications where portability and space-saving is a requirement, the DSP4200/2K offers more for the user – its smaller (1.25×4.20×6.15 inches) and lighter (just 0.8 lbs) framework offers the same durability as the 4100 modem.

The 4200 features a USB 2.0 connection for data transfer and power, eliminating the need for an external power supply and limiting cable complexity and costs. As for data transfer capabilities, the 4200 unit actually solves a common problem in many commercial industries. Most modem devices require Serial port to USB converters, which cause problems with data transfer, especially on Windows 10 systems. The 4200’s USB connectivity sets HAL apart in the market as a supplier that develops products to meet communication needs easily.

The modem also boasts field-upgradable firmware, meaning you can adapt the device in the field to suit your needs for a more modern and portable communications solution.

HF Radio DSP Modem with USB 2.0

The DSP4200/2K offers more compactness and possesses USB 2.0 connectivity with PC units.


A ruggedized version of the DSP4200/2K, it boasts the same communications capability and connectivity but with the added benefit of being more robust in challenging environments. Waterproof connectors protect the unit from the elements, while its ruggedized enclosure offers greater longevity, no matter how you use it.

The M4200 is best suited for housing in a portable backpack, where its power source and compact size and weight make it ideal for ease of transport in critical or humanitarian field operations.

HF Tactical Modem with USB 2.0

The M4200 is a ruggedized version of the DSP4200 – waterproofed and housed in a durable enclosure, the equipment is a fit for any challenging conditions.

Finding what DSP modem is best for your HF radio comes down to how you intend to use the device. For more information about our modem range or help with choosing one that suits your needs, contact the HAL team today.

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