Why is email and data transfer an essential in communications?

January 5, 2018


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Why is email and data transfer an essential in communications?

The key to successful information exchange is clarity. If you don’t fully understand the message you are being delivered, or you have nothing to reference back to, intended meaning could be lost to obscurity.

Operators rely on HF radio to succeed where other communications tools fail. So it stands to reason the best HF radio equipment should be integrated with data transfer capabilities, allowing users to exchange email and other data in written form. But why is email and data transfer such an essential communications requirement?

The IMAP exchange is a key feature of the MB5100/2K, offering connectivity to devices anywhere in the world.

The advantages of HF radio data systems

HF systems with data transfer capabilities offer numerous advantages over voice only communications, such as:

• Easier communication of complex visual ideas: If you are trying to exchange information about a location on a map, an email will allow you to send an image, rather than being limited to trying to explain the details verbally.
• A quicker, simpler and less costly process: In the past, if critical information needed to be communicated over long distances, such as between a home base and field agents, required the use of high cost satellite links or the physical transportation of the data to the agents’ location. Now, error-free email and data transfer through HF radio simplifies that process.
• A paper trail: With written email communication, you have a record of all exchanges between individuals and instant access to any information you need.

The MB5100/2K

Integrating quality email capabilities is clearly advantageous – and partnering with a sector-expert like HAL Communications Corp will take your HF radio equipment to new heights. The MB5100/2K HF Radio Mailbox allows direct and end-to-end mail synchronisation over HF. Able to receive and direct traffic to any email address worldwide, the MB5100/2K also allows access to the Internet for further data transfer ability. It boasts the following features:

• Seamless operation with smart device mailing apps like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Gmail.
• Compatibility with multiple operating platforms including Windows, iOS and Android.
• The MB5100/2K has a data encryption feature and enhanced link security to keep your information secure.
• A priority and emergency messaging feature, which expedites mail delivery if they urgently need to exchange information.
• The MB5100/2K requires no user training. It is the same as sending a regular email from any smart device or computer.

For more information about the MB5100/2K, email and data transfer over HF, or to speak to someone about our range of modem products, contact the HAL team today.

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