HAL Communications has long been synonymous with the manufacturing and innovation of high-quality, value-priced HF radio technologies, since our beginnings in the 1970s. Hardware or software, HAL has a solution to cover network communications over large geographic areas in the harshest of conditions, making ours a leading name in HF communications technology worldwide.

Specializing in data modems and radio equipment, we also offer application software to HF system integrators, enabling you to set up communication systems as an operational backup in the event of an emergency or as a reliable network where no communication infrastructure exists. We have a rich operational history that has given us a wealth of expertise with HF networks and researching how to get the best from your modem equipment.

CLOVER modems
HAL’s flagship CLOVER waveform modem technology was developed for the specific purpose of ensuring error-free data transfer over HF radio paths – with more than two decades of field application and ongoing improvements, CLOVER is now a truly tried and tested HF communications product. Its application provides a uniquely practical communications platform for operators, in that its real-time speed level shifting between different HF communications paths allows users to rapidly transfer large backend data packets between modems, while still remaining in constant communication. These modems are operable in a variety of circumstances, making them a must-have in the field.

We understand that in field operations it is imperative to stay in touch, no matter the network conditions. Quality HF modems require robust and reliable data transfer software, which we provide in CLOVER Mail, allowing operators to send emails, text messages, faxes and other data without any communications network infrastructure.

Transferred over HF, VHF and UHF paths to allow coverage over all distances and terrains, CLOVER Mail can be operated with minimal user intervention, ensuring your operations aren’t interrupted by communication issues. Data can also be optionally transferred to Internet users.

Key to our ethos is interoperability, meaning all our hardware and software products can be integrated with other HF communication products to suit a range of customer specifications and field situations. This potential for integration feeds into the development of our own private label systems, allowing customers to rebrand HAL modem and software technologies.

Our 45-year history of excellence and evolution has relied on producing technology that works impeccably in the field and suits customer specifications. This is key to the industry-vaunted reputation we hold today, and aim to keep for years to come.