About Software

In addition to high-quality, value-priced hardware solutions, HAL Communications Corp. has developed world-leading software solutions to support HF radio network users. Our CLOVER Mail product has served the needs of many organizations around the world, and with the new HF IMAP Mailbox, we’re introducing new flexibility and mobility that’s sure to make life easier for customers both old and new.

CLOVER Mail Radio Messaging Software

A flagship HAL Communications Corp. software product for many years, CLOVER Mail Radio Messaging Software provides a standalone mail forwarding solution. Wireless email, chat, fax and PC-to-PC file transfer over HF, VHF or UHF are all possible using our client.

The features that make CLOVER Mail Radio Messaging Software such a compelling software product for networks include:

Easy, reliable communication over any distance The CLOVER Mail system works with a range of standard inexpensive HF, VHF and UHF transceivers, with a suite of radio frequencies covering all distances and terrain types without the need for telephone or IT infrastructure.
Secure network management CLOVER Mail makes radio network management much easier, by utilizing password-protected configuration screens for improved security. The software is capable of running unattended and hidden, efficiently transferring mail wirelessly without user intervention.
Affordable cost of ownership Private radio networks are managed in-house, eliminating costly airtime charges and fees. The intuitive, familiar CLOVER Mail interface is also analogous to traditional email software clients, meaning extensive training of users is usually reduced.
Reduced channel occupancy Channel use time is kept to a minimum with advanced compression technology, efficient channel selection and scheduling, and sophisticated collision avoidance features. CLOVER Mail also eliminates TCP/IP overhead and latency issues, ensuring reliability and quality of transmission.

With five decades in the radio communications industry, HAL Communications Corp. is considered a world leader in HF radio modem and digital transmission technology, and remains committed to its core values – quality products, easy-to-use systems and excellent customer service.