Why every business should have a communication tech ‘Plan B’

April 25, 2018


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Why every business should have a communication tech 'Plan B'

The modern business has a Plan B for every eventuality – it’s vital to success. In the case of network failure, you need to ensure you can still communicate internally and with customers because even the briefest downtime can cost your organization thousands. Be that due to a power outage or a communications network server crash, the best businesses ensure they can still communicate, come what may.

But how can you send emails and transfer data if you have no network coverage? The answer: HF radio. A reliable solution in operations outside of traditional network coverage, such as critical and humanitarian responses to emergencies, HF messaging software can also be a comprehensive fix to ensure your business stays connected.

Why do business need an alternative communications tool?

There are a number of issues that can affect business communications capabilities:
• Severe weather damaging local communications infrastructure can disrupt Internet and phone coverage.
• Power failures could have a similar effect on a business’ ability to communicate with the outside world.
• An internal network error or cybersecurity issue could compromise a business’ communication network, making email or data transfer impossible.

How will you be able to communicate if your business' internet fails?

In situations like these, the most successful businesses will have a solution that ensures communication is still possible. When you are unable to email or transfer data over the Internet, HF radio transmission is a reliable and effective alternative.

The suitability of HAL Communications Corp.’s HF radio software

For years, we have led the market in developing software to support HF network use. CLOVER Mail has served the needs of numerous organisations worldwide, offering mobility and communications flexibility.

Compelling features of CLOVER Mail radio messaging software include:
• Reliable communications over any distance – CLOVER Mail works with a range of HF radio transceivers, meaning users can send emails or transmit data as seamlessly as on standard network infrastructure.
• Secure network management – this software solution is optimised for improved system network security, a particularly appealing feature separating administrative and user credentials.
• Affordability – Because private radio networks are managed in-house, this eliminates the costs of subscription and airtime charges associated with traditional network coverage and satellite backup solutions.

CLOVER Mail messaging software allows businesses to stay online without relying on traditional network infrastructure.

Our expertise in developing HF radio software solutions for organizations in a number of industries makes CLOVER HF radio messaging a useful Plan B for all businesses. With it, you will never be stuck when you need to send that vital email. For more information on preparing your operations for any communications issue that may arise, contact the HAL Communications Corp. team today.

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