What is the value in mobile email, anywhere, anytime?

March 5, 2018


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What is the value in mobile email, anywhere, anytime?

Email is now the most widely used form of business communication. Technology market researchers The Radicati Group says people are sending 269 billion emails daily, with the Litmus ‘2017 Email Client Market Share’ report indicating 49.5 per cent of all emails are accessed on mobile.

Around 269 billion emails are sent daily worldwide.

These stats draw attention to the importance of mobile emailing to a business’ communications – so what is the value in being able to do so anywhere, anytime?

How could emailing anywhere, anytime improve a business’ operations?

When you consider the value of email to businesses’ global data exchange, the potential for improving operations is immense, especially when you factor in the major communication issues it can solve:

• The ability to deliver email message in areas where Wi-Fi and cellular infrastructure is unreliable or non-existent.
• Vital information can be delivered on a secured private network.
• Delivering error-free email messages ensures important information can be sent and received, regardless of location.

Turning to technology to make this a reality

HAL Communications Corp. are experts in developing HF transmission systems to help improve data transfer abilities. Our MB5100/2K mailbox application uses HF radio signals to transmit data globally. Designed for seamless integration with a number of mobile mail apps, the MB5100/2K is key to enabling your phone to send and receive emails, no matter the network coverage.

The three advantages of the MB5100/2K

The MB5100/2K boasts a number of benefits that help anywhere, anytime emailing:

1. The application operates with all smart phone mobiles and tablet device mailing apps. It is also compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms.
2. The HF IMAP Inbox is easy to install on your mobile and simple to run – designed with business people in mind, there is no additional user training required.
3. The MB5100/2K is designed to transmit information, error-free, within the shortest time frame possible.
4. Priority and Emergency Messaging feature facilitates the immediate delivery of vital data. For example, if you are sending through hundreds of pages of text and you need to send another urgent message, this feature allows you to prioritise this high-value information over the lower-value information.

The value of impeccable communication is obvious in a business – but if you want to know more about the importance of emailing anywhere, anytime, contact the HAL Communications team today for more information.

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