What are the benefits of CLOVER Mail?

October 5, 2017


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What are the benefits of CLOVER Mail?

CLOVER Mail allows you to transmit data, emails and faxes around the world with no network coverage.
CLOVER Mail allows you to transmit data, emails and faxes around the world with no network coverage.

There aren’t many devices that incorporate interoperability with a variety of transceivers, easy network management, low ownership cost and reduced channel occupancy on one communications platform – step forward CLOVER Mail.

What is CLOVER Mail and how does it work?

HAL Communications’ decades of industry experience led to our inspiration: develop a communications platform which integrates with any standard radio transceiver and can allow users to easily transmit emails and other data in areas with no network coverage. Thus, CLOVER Mail was born.

It works in conjunction with your transceiver to send and receive data files over radio waves to other communications systems, including Internet users. This guarantees reliable communications.

What benefits do field operators have with CLOVER Mail?

CLOVER Mail boasts a range of benefits for radio transceiver users:

• Seamless network management: Managing your network is easy, with password protected configurations ensuring that your radio transmissions cannot be unduly interrupted or misused. The beauty in CLOVER Mail lies in its operability with your radio transceiver – designed to run in the background while you use your radio, it transmits data unattended and ensures that your operations are not delayed.

• Low cost of ownership: CLOVER Mail is designed for operability with inexpensive transceivers, meaning its benefits are accessible to all radio users. CLOVER Mail’s integration with your radio transceiver eliminates the need for external communications platforms. With no airtime or network costs, users can freely interchange large chunks of data. This cost-effective design also means that CLOVER Mail requires very little training to use and operate.

• Reduced channel occupancy: CLOVER Mail is processed with advanced compression, channel selection, scheduling and collision avoidance features. This means your transmission is less likely to be interrupted by other radio signals. Additionally, CLOVER Mail eliminates TCP/IP overhead and latency issues, meaning your communications data is transmitted faster than on other platforms, no matter the amount of data you are sending.

HAL’s CLOVER Mail is the premium in radio messaging technology, providing users with a platform to communicate wireless data across all distances, no matter the network coverage. Remote field operations rely on HF radio communications – and radio communications are made complete with the seamless transmission of data using CLOVER Mail.

HAL boasts over 45 years of industry experience and is considered a world leader in radio modem and digital transmission technology. Our commitment to easy-to-use and reliable products is obvious – but contact our friendly customer service team to find out more about our range.

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