New era in email over HF

September 13, 2017


HAL News


New era in email over HF

HAL Communications will be exhibiting at DSEI and showcasing their pre-production model of the MB5100/2K HF Radio Mailbox, the first HF radio mail system to provide fully synchronized IMAP email delivery over High Frequency (HF) radio links.

The development of the IMAP Mailbox is based on the premise that there is an increasing demand for users to be able to communicate from wherever they are, including isolated locations connected only by HF radio, using the existing email client on their personal device, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, in much the same way as they can use the public Wi-Fi in a public café or their own office.

Vice President and General Manager of HAL Communications, Mr. Joe Wittmer said “This is an exciting development in our 45 year history. The reality that email synchronization over HF is as seamless as over Wi-Fi is an exciting development for the HF marketplace and a new era in email over HF communications.”

For more information on the MB5100/2K HF Radio Mailbox visit the HAL Communications stand N7-160 at DSEI

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