3 reasons to back your business’ comms continuity with HAL

May 14, 2018


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3 reasons to back your business' comms continuity with HAL

Interruptions to your business’ communications, for even the briefest time, can have damaging consequences. Whether it’s managing internal operations or staying in touch with suppliers and customers, the power to share data is vital to business continuity.

Planning for the worst possibility by deciding on a business communications back up plan is a good way to ensure your enterprise won’t be left in the dark. Finding a communications software partner to help business continuity when things go awry is a strategy for success – and here are three reasons HAL Communications fulfils that role:

Three reasons to back your comms continuity with HAL

1. HF radio is reliable
If a businesses’ communications network becomes compromised by electrical blackout or downed internet, your employees will struggle to establish contact without devices such as landline phones. And if the problem is wider spread, such as with severe weather damaging public communications infrastructure, you can become totally cut off.
Using HF radio for data transfer is a reliable and effective means of ensuring your information gets to the right people. The transmission uses radio signals to bounce data off the Earth’s ionosphere and reflect them back to a transceiver. No need for satellites or any other network infrastructure. This also makes HF radio a reliable tool for business communications continuity in remote locations where traditional comms may also fail.

HF radio uses ionospheric transmission - meaning it doesn't need any traditional comms infrastructure to work.

2. HAL Communications offers numerous solutions
There are numerous reasons a business’ communications continuity could become undermined, so we understand there is no one solution to address every issue. We offer a range of hardware and software solutions to ensure your business can stay in touch:
• Our team has been designing high-quality HF radio modems for years, meaning we have perfected solutions that are intuitive and easy to use. HAL Communications has refined our CLOVER high-performance protocol into an advanced digital modem waveform specifically designed to exchange data at the highest possible rate.
• The CLOVER Mail software application is an excellent system for businesses planning for a comms set back. A stand-alone mail forwarding solution, wireless email, fax and PC-PC data transfer are all possible with a HF solution that is easily integrated with a smartphone or other mobile device.
• The MB5100/2K IMAP Mailbox is an embedded mail delivery solution designed to operate with mobile and tablet devices without the need for additional PC equipment. Innovative sync technologies enable remote over-the-air programming by simply using a web browser over the LAN or, optionally, an Internet connection.

CLOVER Mail allows users to send and receive email data over a HF radio network.

3. You want the help of market leaders
HAL Communications has led the market in developing HF radio modems and software applications for a number of industries since the 1970s. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering solutions that improve business communications ability. Our expert team will be with your every step of the way, from initial discussions through to finding a radio modem or software application that fits.
For more information on the products we offer, contact the HAL Communications team today.

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