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HAL Communications Corp. at IWEC 2015

Urbana, IL USA, February, 2 - HAL Communications Corp. will be exhibiting at International Wireless Communications Expo IWCE next March 18-19 at Las Vegas, NV.

HAL has a long standing reputation developing high quality hardware and software radio data communication products, and IWEC is the perfect event to showcase communications technology that will make your systems more effective.

The event will allow attendees from a diverse group of industry to meet with HAL management and discuss current and future projects. HAL will have their full product range on show, in addition to showcasing examples of current integration projects.

Mr. Joe Wittmer, General Manager of HAL Communications, commented “as a company who continually is innovating, IWEC is providing us with the opportunity to speak with multiple system integrators, to build on existing relationships and understand future projects.”

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